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Our Pottery

Holman Pottery is designed for everyday use.  It is lead free and can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven (avoid drastic temperature changes such as taking from the refrigerator to a hot oven).

For a entire list of standard items available and prices, please email us at info@holmanpottery.com.


Functional Pottery

traditonal pitcher chicken baker

traditional pitcher (Eco Ash)



chicken baker (Blue Earth)



omelet maker dessert tray

omelet maker (Green Earth)



dessert tray (Wildflower)




bacon cooker

square casserole

bacon cooker (Desert)



square casserole (Eco Ash)



condiment dish


condiment (Blue Earth)



tea pot (Green Earth)



nacho plate

rice bowl

nacho plate (Desert)



rice bowl (Red Earth)



monkey bread baker

batter bowl

monkey bread baker (Ocean Spray)



batter bowl (Wildflower)



oil cruet

brie dish

oil cruet (Red Earth)



brie baker (Blue Earth)



garlic grater

slab pitcher

garlic grater (Eco Ash)



slab pitcher (Ocean Spray)



apple bowl

barrel mug

apple bowl (Stripes and Stars)



barrel mug (Eco Ash)



standard mug

apple bowl 2

standard mug (Green Earth)



apple bowl (Robin's Nest)



popcorn bowl

wine glass

popcorn bowl (Desert)



wine glass (Wildflower)



yarn bowl

berry bowl set

yarn bowl (Wildflower)



berry bowl set (Desert)



bread and oil plate salsa set

bread and oil plate (Desert)

salsa set (Eco Ash)




Fossilware is our collection of pressed-in images in clay.  The Garden and Wheat designs come from real plants and herbs (some from our own garden).  The Lake Fish, Ocean Fish, Blue Fish, and Shrimp designs come from real "creatures" while the Olde World design originates from an antique springerie.  All designs are individually created  and therefore are one of a kind.


Due to the nature of the pressed in designs of the Fossilware collection, most items are of slab construction.  This style of pottery emphasizes the organic nature of each piece.

shrimp tray

XL serving tray (Shrimp)



fish tray

tea tray (Island Fish)







Gourmet without the hassle.

Epicurean is our line of gourmet pieces used for entertaining friends or your own family.  All come with recipes or directions and are available in all Standard Designs.

Current Epicurean items include: apple baker, bacon cooker, batter bowl,  french onion soup bowl, guacamole bowl, popcorn bowl, bread and oil bowl, brie baker, oval casserole, square casserole, chicken baker, cobbler crock, coffee filter, fondue set, french butter crock, garlic baker, garlic grater, monkey bread baker, brownie mug, olive combo, olive oil dipping dish, lg slab pitcher, salt pig, stopperless salt shaker, and tajine.


Celebrate the Holidays!

We enjoy the holidays as much as you do.. so take a look at our unique offerings.

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